We offer brilliant students  seeking admission to prestigious universities an opportunity to apply for our Sat preparation and  Scholarship package for top  USA Universities.  Many USA Universities are  making world-class education accessible to students worldwide through fully funded scholarships. The Scholarships cover tuition fees and living expenses and make it possible for students with excellent academic accomplishments pursue University  education without worrying about the expenses they need to bear for studying in the country. In view of the high cost of the dollar against the naira, this is an excellent opportunity for parents to save money.

Why Study in the USA?

The United States has consistently established itself as a desirable hub for international education. Home to globally-acknowledged institutions like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, among others, it provides a myriad of academic programs in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, innovation, and academic rigor. Furthermore, the country is renowned for its extensive scholarship offerings, ranging from partial to full-ride scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses, making it an attractive destination for students worldwide.

**Five Compelling Reasons to Pursue Education in the USA**

  1.  **Exemplary Education Quality:** Universities in the USA are renowned for their academic excellence, offering a wide array of courses to cater to diverse student interests.


  1. **Global University Rankings:** By enrolling in top-ranking universities in the USA, students gain access to exceptional academic and research opportunities.


  1. **Scholarship Prospects:** The USA provides ample opportunities for students to pursue fully-funded education, thereby easing the financial burden.


  1. **Technological Hub:** The country excels in providing modern classroom experiences. Students can access online classes, use computer-based testing, and leverage various labs and resources equipped with the latest technology.


  1. **Advancements in Research and Innovation:** As a global frontrunner in innovation, the USA prioritizes an intensive research-oriented curriculum, thereby opening up numerous opportunities for students to grow and develop.


  1. **International Job Opportunities:** Being a highly developed nation, the USA offers exceptional long-term career prospects and is considered a major hub for employment.


Am I Eligible for Scholarship in USA?

The Eligibility for Scholarships in USA depends on various factors. The eligibility criteria that are considered for applying for the scholarships are as follows:

  • Academic achievements like GPA, test scores (e.g., SAT, ACT), and class rankings
  • Your chosen major or field of interest
  • Involvement in extracurriculars, leadership, and community service can boost eligibility for specific scholarships.
  • Essays, personal statements, and interviews are also one of the factors that are considered for eligibility
  • Your enrollment level, whether you are applying for an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree



– Monday – Friday Self Study/Live Classes

– 5 Saturdays, 4 hours live online classes ( Done with USA Certified Tutors )

– Base line tests to continuously assess progress

– 1,250 Prep test questions, strategies, and exemplars

– 2 4-hour Mock Tests

– 4 2-hour individual Subject Area Prep Sessions

– Weekend Classes are usually held on Saturday mornings CST ( Nigeria from 4pm ) or Sunday evenings in 4  hour blocks

– Students have daily home work to complete in addition to the live sessions



**5-Month USA Executive 2-4 years fully funded Merit-Based or Athletic Tuition Scholarship Search Services Package:**

This comprehensive package is dedicated to assisting your child in securing 2- 4 years fully funded merit-based or athletic scholarships to cover their tuition expenses in top US universities. 

The services included in this package are as follows:

– **Application Assistance:** Our consultants will guide your child through every step of the application process, ensuring they complete forms accurately, gather all required documents, and submit applications to their chosen universities in a timely manner.

– **University Selection:** Based on your child’s profile, we will recommend a list of 6 suitable universities and programs that align with their preferences, ensuring the best possible fit for their academic and personal growth.( Please note that this service is optional if your child already has admission.)

  – **Scholarship Search:** Our consultants will furnish your child with a list of eligible scholarships, grants, and financial aid opportunities that cover tuition for a period ranging from one to four years.

 – – **Essay and Personal Statement Support**: Our consultants provide assistance in brainstorming, drafting, and revising effective essays and personal statements for scholarship applications.

– **Robust Extra Curriculum Programme**: We encourage students to show commitment and passion in extracurricular activities, emphasizing growth and potential impact in their fields of interest.

– **Personalized Consulting**: We offer one-on-one consulting sessions, tailoring guidance to each student’s academic background, interests, and aspirations.- **Additional Support:** In addition to scholarship search services, our package includes a Scholarship Book and a Virtual Scholarship Webinar, providing valuable insights and guidance on securing scholarships. For student-athletes, we will assist with NCAA clearance guidance, including completing NCAA Eligibility Center registration.

  – **Internship and Employment Opportunities:** Our consultants will leverage their extensive network of industry contacts and deep understanding of the job market to identify and secure valuable internship and employment opportunities for your child. These opportunities will be aligned with their academic background, stated majors, and interests.