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We are International Students Scholarship Consultants   committed to empowering students — from high school to undergraduate and postgraduate levels — with access to top-notch, affordable education in elite universities through part and full scholarships.

The cost of studying abroad can be daunting. Beyond the substantial tuition fees,  students face additional expenses such as visa applications, study permits, international relocation costs, and more. Our expert advisors specialize in identifying scholarships, internships, and admissions specifically tailored for overseas students, significantly easing the financial burden.

Our passion for scholarships was born from the joy of saving families from the financial burden of college tuition. Partnering with us means you’re not just getting consultants; you’re gaining access to seasoned professionals who are masters of the college admissions landscape and scholarship strategies. With our robust research tools and best practices, your scholarship potential is limitless.


## Strategic Focus: Where Dreams and Scholarships Align

35 years of insight into the college admissions process have taught us one crucial lesson: The key to slashing college costs is not a wild chase for private scholarships, but a sharp, strategic focus on the right schools. By tailoring your college list to places where you’ll thrive and stand out, you can tap into a wealth of institutional scholarships and merit aid. This precision approach is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that your scholarship search is smart, targeted, and ultimately, successful.

**Ready to embark on a journey to a debt-free degree? Let's turn your academic aspirations into a fully-funded reality. Connect with us, and together, we'll make your educational dreams come true.** Today!

## Unlock a World of Scholarships with Our Comprehensive Support

Why Students Need a Student Scholarship Consultant

Feeling the weight of your growing college prep checklist? If each added task leads to more stress and doubt about the value of the effort, it’s a clear sign you need a stellar college advisor by your side.

For International students, studying abroad can be a daunting financial commitment, especially for international students. Universities worldwide often charge higher tuition for international students, which can be five to ten times more than the fees for local students in countries like the U.S and Canada. This does not even include the numerous costs associated with visas, study permits, and other necessary documentation for studying abroad.

Embark on your educational journey with us, and let’s turn the tide on college expenses together.. Imagine the impact of $200,000 or more in scholarships, significantly reducing, if not completely erasing, your educational costs. And the best part? Our commitment to you is ongoing; we continually scout for new scholarship opportunities to ensure your academic pursuits are as affordable as possible.

Embarking on the college admissions journey alone can be daunting. Here’s why partnering with a Student Scholarship consultant  is invaluable as you tackle:

– **The Choice Paradox:** With over 2,500 four-year colleges in the US, each flaunting a dizzying array of programs and activities, making the right choice can seem impossible. A college consultant is your personal GPS through this academic labyrinth.
**Admissions Landscape Shifts:** Post-pandemic, the college admissions world has transformed. A college consultant  is your insider, deciphering which changes impact you directly, saving you from unnecessary detours.

## Navigate the Application Labyrinth with Precision

As architects of scholarship strategy, we understand the complex machinery of applications and scholarship systems. We don’t just guide you through the process — we ensure you apply for the right scholarships, enhancing your chances of success. Our expertise is your compass in the intricate world of scholarship applications.

## Expert Insights into Scholarships

Our expertise is global. We are constantly researching and updating our knowledge on scholarships available to American citizens and  international students. We know what it takes to qualify and can steer you towards scholarships you’re not just eligible for, but have a real chance of winning.

– **Financial Aid Filings:** The alphabet soup of FAFSA, CSS Profile, and other financial aid documents can trigger a paperwork panic. Your consultant  is the calm in the storm, helping you secure the aid you qualify for.

## Document Mastery and Opportunity Alignment

With a keen understanding of the necessary documentation and a clear grasp of admission and scholarship requirements, we help students identify and seize suitable opportunities. Our knowledge is your advantage in preparing impeccable application packets that stand out.

– **Essay Crafting:** Your college essay is your story’s spotlight. A college advisor helps you find your voice and polish your narrative until it shines with authenticity and captivates the admissions committee.

– **Test-Taking Tactics:** SAT or ACT? To submit scores or not? Your advisor demystifies these choices, strategizing to highlight your strengths and enhance your application.

– **Deadline Mastery:** With a multitude of dates, requirements, and admissions hurdles, keeping track can be a nightmare. Your college advisor is your personal organizer, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

## University Network Advantage

Our strong relationships with universities and our awareness of both institutional and state/provincial level scholarships offer you insider access to funds that many overlook. With us, you have a network that works for you, revealing scholarships that align with your academic goals and financial needs.

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Abolaji Osime


Strategic Offshore Student Placements
Independent Education Consultant

## The Joy of Unleashing Potential and Easing Educational Journeys

The heart of my enthusiasm lies in the transformative effect education has on lives. There’s an incomparable joy that stems from seeing students tap into their utmost potential, exploring the vast sea of opportunities that lay ahead. This goes beyond a profession for me—it’s the core of my fulfillment. Now, with the door to scholarships in prestigious institutions increasingly open, international students are poised for a life and career of remarkable success. My commitment is to ensure they grasp these opportunities and embark on their journey to greatness. 

Abolaji Osime , is one of  Arica’s s most successful education consultants. In practice since 2007 , Bolaji  has counselled thousands of  students .Her mission is to use her passion, creativity and experience to empower young Nigerians by giving them the skills, knowledge and path ways to ensure they become transformative leaders in society.  In 1999, She established Global International Secondary School & College, an independent, co-educational school  and sixthform with day and boarding facilities with branches in Abuja & Lagos. Till date, the school has graduated thousands of  students, 99% of whom secured admission into top British, USA, Canadian , Nigerian and European universities 

  • LLB Law University of London ( External)
  • LLM : London School of Economics
  • Professional Member of the Association of University


 Our collaboration with US partners mirrors our shared dedication to cultivating educational excellence and innovation. Together, we are setting new benchmarks in the academic sphere, nurturing the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

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Valencia Belle

CEO Schools Prep

Independent Education consultant  

## Empowering Educational Journeys with Insight and Excellence

My personal journey through the maze of student loans and scholarships that eased my financial strain, has ignited a fervent mission to shed light on the path to affordable education for others. It is with great pride that I guide students in reducing their college costs, ensuring that this prudence does not detract from the quality of their academic experience. What I cherish most is that our distinctive approach not only matches students with their ideal colleges but also equips them with skills that will serve them in college and far beyond.

### Valencia Belle: Premier SAT/ACT Tutor with Outstanding Results

Valencia Belle stands out as a premier SAT/ACT tutor in the top 1% in the USA, boasting a track record of propelling students toward exceptional score improvements—typically between 100 to 200 points.

Her expertise is underpinned by a robust 35-year methodology, earning recognition from world-renowned institutions such as Harvard, MIT, USC, and Wharton.

– As a celebrated alumna, Valencia Belle possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Alabama and a Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California.

– She has successfully secured $250,000 in scholar and scholar-athlete scholarships.

– Through her efforts, she has helped avert $250 million in student loan debt.

– Remarkably, she has broken the chains of inter-generational poverty stemming from student loan debt, transforming lives with a single high SAT test score across three generations.

### Accolades Celebrating Educational Impact

Dr Belle’s  dedication to educational impact has not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by numerous prestigious awards and recognitions:

– A celebrated induction into the Murphy High School Hall of Fame in 2023.

– Recognition as a Top 200 EdTech Company worldwide by ASU + GSV Elite G Cup Company in 2023.

– Victory in the 2022 EDPA Alabama Launchpad Social Impact Seed Competition.

– Finalist status in the University of Southern California’s EdTech Accelerator Cohort IV, 2022.

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Sharing the Joy of Educational Possibilities

There’s a unique thrill in bringing the offerings of Strategic  to students all over the world. It’s a privilege to welcome families and students into our space, showcasing the array of opportunities that await them. I find it incredibly rewarding to transform what is often perceived as a high-pressure period into an enjoyable, memorable journey.

 ## Educational Background

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and Marketing for California Baptist University

## Key Advice for College Admission

Maintain an open mind and welcome change. The realm of education is vast, with countless paths and opportunities that may not yet be on your radar. Stay receptive to new ideas, and let them guide you to exciting educational horizons.