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Why Study In USA?

  • The United States of America has been the most popular country for students who want to study abroad for decades. The universities in the USA have excellent reputations, geography and climate is diverse, and there is a long tradition of welcoming overseas visitors for education and employment. 
  • US universities are unique when it comes to the flexibility offered to select majors over the span of the course. This allows students the freedom to choose from an array of majors and minors and tailor their degree depending on their evolving interests as well as you avoid the risk of repeating classes in case you change your major. Any student who is pursuing a STEM course at undergraduate, postgraduate or MBA level, is eligible to work in the US for at least 3 years after graduating from a university. 
  • The USA is the leading international education destination in the world. The best students from around the world are attracted here, and it’s home to some of the most famous academic institutions with household names: Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, and many more. 

Starting Salary of graduate in USA

Earn Up to $34,000 annually upon graduating

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