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JAMB, WAEC,SAT and Academic Tutoring

Strategic Offshore Placements has partnered with Global International college for physical tutoring classes in all local International examinations like JAMB, WAEC IGCSE SAT,IELTS, TOEFL, including the Ontario Secondary diploma and American Diploma . For online classes students can register with our partner  GROAcademy . GROAcademy is West Africa’s top online test prep academy, specializing in local and International examination preparation of students for JAMB, WAEC IGCSE SAT,IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and  GMAT for progression to top Universities and colleges all over the world. Our Lecturers have over 2 decades of extensive teaching experience and  have excellent academic qualifications with proven top test scores  

Features ; 

  • Hours of live online instructor-led group instructions  
  • An app with all the resources you need to excel in your exams 
  • Video Lectures:  Concise high quality video lectures that comprehensively cover subject’s topic by topic, students can watch and re-watch video lectures explaining different concepts to deepen understanding of concepts 
  • Classes are recorded in case of a missed session 
  • Timed practice tests under examination conditions 
  • High quality tuition reinforcing subject content, examination preparation and examination techniques. 
  • 5000+ Past examination questions: Master examination techniques with our bank of predicted past examination questions with solutions that have been designed from deep analysis of past papers 
  • Lessons are online (via Zoom) and onsite at our Campus  
  • Email and Whatsapp  Support 



After Senior Secondary school, a  bachelors or undergraduate education is the first level of university that students progress to . This is where you can specialize in a subject you are interested in and start your career in that field. Bachelors degrees usually are 3- 4 years long depending on the degree and the country you study in.  Countries like US, UK and Canada have top universities that  offer undergraduate level courses in many different fields.  

Our focus is on activities that would provide student with information about study abroad.  This way our students are abreast of the offers from partner institutions such as scholarships, internships, and other benefits. 

We offer a full online and physical consulting service to help you select your degree, including choice of course and of university,  

Career Counselling

We partner with Cradley to conduct career counselling and psychrometric sessions by expert counsellors where the students can be correctly counselled to make personalised and 

scientific decisions, when it comes to choosing their school subjects, university courses and 

career paths. 


We have successfully facilitated a large number of visa applications to several countries.. We support and  verify the accuracy of the application form and supporting documentation and ensure it is submitted in line with the High Commission, Consulate or Embassy’s requirements. 


There are two types of student visas that you can apply to study in the US – F-1 and M-1. 

The F1 visa is the most common for students who wish to engage in academic studies in the United States. The M1 visa is for those who wish to study vocational subjects or undergo training at US institutes. With the amount of study visa information available online, it would be easy to be confused and doubt what information is needed to get a US nonimmigrant visa. However, by following simple rules you would have no problem in visa issuance. The process for a US student visa starts by filling in your DS-160 form and paying the visa fee. When applying for a USA student visa you need to show that you can pay for the entire course and that you have strong ties with your home country and will return home after studying. You also need to have been accepted to an institute of good standing in the US. Keep in mind that if you are applying for certain PhD or data-based courses, your application may require additional scrutiny and hence you should be applying early for your study visa. 

UK Tier 4 Study Visa

The UK study visa process is largely document-based and if you carefully follow the guidance issued by the British High Commission you should find the process relatively straightforward. Those applying for a student visa to the UK need to show that they can pay for their entire education, living and maintenance expenses. It is imperative that the funds are readily available in savings accounts and the money should be kept for a minimum period of 30 days. Remember to apply for your study visa months before the start of your course. 

You must include a detailed cover letter about your qualifications, your reasons to study in the UK, your finances and your plans after your education. In most cases, an interview is not required and on the basis of your correct documents and cover letter you should be granted a study visa for the UK. 

Most students who choose to study in the UK apply for a Tier 4 (General) visa which is a points-based scheme. You need 40 points to get a study visa, where 30 points are earned by submitting a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) certificate issued by a licensed institute in the UK, and 10 points are earned by showing your financial capability. The UK Government has stated that students who apply for a Tier 4 General Student Visa will have to prove that they have an unconditional offer from an approved higher educational institution as well as have English proficiency including English language courses. In addition, students would have to show that they have the funds available to pay for their education and tuition fees – normally a bank letter stating that the funds are in your account for 30 days or more. International students can obtain a short term study visa for the United Kingdom, no matter how many months long, by following the guidelines issued by the UK Government. The accredited university where you have admission will serve as your Tier 4 sponsor and this is mandatory for obtaining entry clearance. If you wish to check the accreditation of your university, refer to the UK government website as well as world university rankings. In the end, if you want to be living in the UK, your first step will be to get a study visa. 

Canada Study Visa

International students should apply for a Canada study permit to be able to pursue higher education in any of the numerous universities in Canada. A valid Canada study visa is required to be able to live and study in Canada for the duration of the course. International students should also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations under normal circumstances. A Canada study visa should be applied at least 3-6 Months prior to the start of the respective  programs in Canada. International students should have received their Letter of Acceptance from the respective Canadian university before starting the Canada study visa application process.