Scholarships and Financial Aid

Save thousands of dollars with Strategic’s help by successfully applying for scholarships and financial aid .

Studying abroad is expensive, so getting help from an international student scholarship consultant can save you money. In addition to towering tuition fees international students have to pay to attend their chosen university, they have additional expenses such as visa and study permit applications, accomodation, living expenses  and other related expenditure  

 At Strategic we support you to find merit scholarship opportunities and programs that fit your needs. We  can help you make  your University more affordable .Every year, our students apply and get several  scholarships to attend top universities in UK, USA and CANADA . These are merit based scholarships awarded after completing pre university courses at Global College 

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Details of Parents/Guardian

Strategic Offshore Placement Ltd. will assist the students to apply for scholarships into Universities or Colleges after the consultancy and processing fees are paid. It should be noted that scholarships are by merit and Strategic Offshore Placement Ltd. cannot guarantee the award of the scholarship. The applicant must provide all information needed to meet the criteria for the award and it is at the discretion of the university or college to grant an award. Consultancy and processing fees paid are non-refundable.